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You will learn skills to create instant motivation and confidence.

You will learn skills to create instant motivation and confidence.

You will learn to master your emotions and run your brain.

You will learn skill to create meaningful goals and clear strategies to achieve them.

You will enjoy freedom from personal limitations of your life.

You will learn to connect with people and develop a bonding of trust.

You will learn to model the excellence of successful people and produce the desired results in least possible time.

You will learn the skills to handle limiting behaviors like depression, frustration, anger, being stressed, confusion, guilt or phobias.

You will learn to understand how people make decisions.

You will learn to help others in their transformation.

You will become genius to make your life a masterpiece.

You will learn skill to manage each area of your life.

You will learn to become powerful communicator.

You will learn to reframe life situations and make the best use of what happens to you

You will learn to have a more powerful vision towards life and beliefs that will produce desired results.

You can start helping people of all occupations after this training program and make a career as an NLP trainer.

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This workshop can be attended by students, individuals, businesspersons, organizations, any group, couples and whosoever are willing to change their life completely in a positive way.

NLP Master Practitioner Cum Coach Program Curriculum

1. NLP Introduction

Definition of NLP, What does NLP do, Conscious/Unconscious mind, Pillars of NLP, Ecology, Sensory acuity (Use your senses to find the result) & Calibration, Congruence/Incongruence, Presuppositions.

2. State of mind

What is an Emotional state? Components of a state, Deletion, Distortion and Generalization, How we create a state, Relation between human behavior and state, crucial distinctions, Resourceful and Un-resourceful States, How to change a state: Physiology and Personal Internal Representation

3. Rapport

What is rapport? Method of sub-conscious level communication, it’s important to learn how to build rapport by matching and mirroring, Learning Pacing and leading, before you communicate.

4. Anchoring

What is Anchoring? Procedure for setting an Anchor, Stacking Anchors, Chaining Anchors, How to get rid of addiction/bad habits using anchoring, How to come out of unwanted emotional setback with the help of Anchoring.

5. Outcomes

Outcomes vs. Goals, Outcomes vs. Task, Problem thinking vs. Outcome thinking, Outcome Thinking Questions, Structure of Outcomes, Evaluating Present State, Desired State and the Resource, Beliefs and Outcomes, Hurdles in achieving outcomes, Outcomes and Affirmations.

6. Modalities/Sub modalities

What are sub modalities?, Checklist of modalities, Sub-modalities; Digital or Analogue, Critical sub modalities, How to elicit sub modalities, Sub-modalities Contrastive Analysis, Changing Sub modalities, Swish, Fast Phobia technique, Deleting unwanted negative memories, Circle of Excellence, Building positive beliefs, Curing allergy, Speeding up your healing power for any disease

7. Preferred Representational System

Senses, Recognizing visuals/Auditory/Kinesthetic, Predicates for different Representational system; Get a sense how visual/auditory/kinesthetic people, managers and client produce their behavior.

8. Time Line

What is a Time Line? How to elicit Time Line? In-Time vs. Through Time, How to change the timeline? Getting out of your past trauma through timeline mastery, Master Time-Management through Time line and make difference in your professional life.

9. Value Hierarchy

What are values, Exploring values, Creating alignment among our top values; Why some people offer their life for a cause and why others do otherwise in the same context. Understand one of the most significant ’causes’ of human behavior.

10. Learning/Problem Solving

What is learning?, Levels of Learning, Learning Zone, Boredom Zone, Anxiety Zone, Simple Learning / Generative Learning, Neurological Levels/Alignment, Perceptual Positions, Exploring Relationship, Developing Effective Meeting Pattern; Check your Neurological Alignment for Happiness, Wealth, Wellness, Relationship, Motivation and Business Excellence.

11. Metaphors

What are metaphors, how metaphors design our world, How to utilize the amazing power of metaphors, See closely what metaphor you have for (a) life (b) relationship (c) wellness (money/wealth), (d) future. Create new metaphors for better life.

12. Reframing

What is Reframing? What are NLP frames? What are NLP outcome Frames, Part Integration (Bringing the conflicting groups together and create an agreement frame, Six Step Reframing (Separating behavior from the intention and creating new options that result in a win-win for both sides), Using Reframing for corporate/Business excellence by bringing dysfunctional teams together, Using Reframing for resolving psychosomatic diseases.

13. Strategies

What is a strategy? What is syntax? Essential Ingredients of a strategy, Main Categories of strategy, What is modeling?, How to elicit a strategy?, Strategy Notations, Find your different strategy for depression, motivation etc., Installing a strategy, New Behavior Generator, The Walt Disney Creative Strategy for unlimited creativity for your personal and professional growth, Quitting smoking, eating addiction, Exploring the strategies of learning-disability/dyslexia and solve it for students.

14. Meta Model

What is Meta-Model? What does Meta-Model do?, Different levels of language, Language Pattern of Deletion, Language Pattern of Distortion, Language Pattern of Generalization

15. Hypnotic Language

What is hypnotic language? Why it is used? What are Downtime/ Uptime activities? Three phases of Milton Model, How to use hypnotic language in everyday conversation and give command to unconscious mind.

16. Sensory Rich Language

What is sensory language? Why to use sensory language? Shortcut to using sensory rich language. The art of engaging people’s sense through sensory language for effective communication.

17. Meta Programs

What are Meta Programs? How to recognize and pace them? Making the best use of Meta Programs in developing sales, leadership and enhance productivity.

What Will This Workshop Help You Achieve?

Mental Calmness

To help you to get rid of anxiety, stress, tensions, anger, depression, frustrations etc.

Income Streams

To help you to get success @Money by conditioning your Mind for peak performance at work / business.

State Of Excellence.

To help you to eliminate your fear of failure & gain state of excellence.


To build your self-confidence and make you fearless.

Explore Yourself

To know and utilize, your hidden core strength.

Good Health

Tackle with the negative emotions and heal your physical illness.

To remove your negative and limiting self-beliefs for doubt free action(s). And many more…

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NLP offers huge market potential in India. NLP offers wide range of options for NLP coaches to give coaching to students, parents, corporate people, MLM leaders, sales people, counsellors, therapists and homemakers. If you have, an inclination towards bringing about a change in human behavior, to help people to overcome their negative behaviors and produce new choices for them to lead their lives, NLP is the technology that you can use. As almost every person wants to head for his desired goals in life, he has to bring some required changes in his behavior and thus looks for a coach or technology. You have unlimited options in making your career as an NLP trainer as well as therapist.

About Your Instructor

He is one of the youngest and leading celebrity success coaches in India; he is an internationally acclaimed Mind coach and NLP expert. He has inspired and touched the lives of more than 2 million people through his various programs in the last 10 years.

Knows the secrets to become a Highly Paid world-class Trainer/Speaker and can teach you in the easiest way possible.

A coach who imparts business strategies and fosters a mindset of continuous improvement for both professional and personal success.

The first trainer to start Train The 90 Days Longest Trainer program in India. Which many people are currently getting benefits from.

A seasoned professional dedicated to sharing insights for your success in the world of coaching industries.

Have trained more than 400 trainers over the years and have inspired lives of more than 2 million people.

A mentor with a track record of guiding individuals to achieve financial milestones in the coaching industries.